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Forget Relocation and Renovate

mezzanine floor - in construction

With mezzanine floors, the alternatives to relocating or rebuilding are looking up!

If you’re growing, or need to expand to maximise new opportunities, space is vital. Rebuilding or extending may not always be feasible and is invariably expensive. Relocating can be extremely expensive and disruptive.

Talk to Storage Concepts. We’ll show you how moving up, with a mezzanine floor, can provide you with the extra space you need – without the heavy expense of rebuilding and the operational downtime of moving.

Our mezzanine solutions are very inexpensive. At Storage Concepts we have decades of experience in creating single and multi-tiered mezzanine floors purpose-designed for specific applications. So a new production facility, retail area, administrative space (we have a whole division – Interior Concepts – devoted to creating offices) or storage facilities can be yours very quickly.

As well as building mezzanine floors to make use of the wasted space above your head, we also install warehouse racking systems that make your entire storage facility more efficient, or pallet racking systems that can revolutionise your warehousing operation.

And the real beauty of choosing Storage Concepts is that we offer a seamless, end-to-end solution; from liaising with fast-track Approval Inspectors or your own consultants to obtain Building Regulation approval, to final construction. Our entire mezzanine floor service is focussed on saving you cost and disruption by working to tight timeframes – even on multi-tiered mezzanines – at times that least effect your day-to-day work.

For retail, commercial or industrial businesses, mezzanine floors by Storage Concepts are the efficient, cost effective answer to growing questions.

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