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Onwards and Upwards

mezzanine under construction with safety netting and edge protection

Create more space without moving

A lot of businesses come to us with the same problem – space. Wherever you are, there’s just never enough of it for a company to run smoothly. The best solution we can come up with for the majority of these companies are mezzanine floors, the cost-effective solution to using the wasted vertical space that many warehouses can have.

When you rent or buy a unit, you often find you soon use up what is actually there – or what you perceive to be there. Mezzanine floors can give your facility a completely modern look; transforming a small, cluttered area into a hive of activity that can be used for a number of purposes.

The mezzanine team at Storage Concepts has vast experience in designing and building areas that give businesses improved storage or working areas, as well as offices and showrooms to increase their productivity.

A lot of businesses use the new mezzanine areas as main offices above the production area, allowing them to oversee what is going on. Alternatively, they can be used for meeting areas, allowing companies to bring in current and prospective clients to show them around the premises and let them see first hand what goes on, encouraging them to invest.

The mezzanine floors that we have installed in the past have been done according to strict time frames, causing the very minimum of disruption to the companies we work with, allowing you to run your company as you would normally, without having to down tools or close for a period of time, something which could potentially lose you business.

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