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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Practical in more ways than one

The Perfect Workmate

Having a dedicated workstation for each part of a manufacturing process can help to ensure the whole system runs smoothly. By keeping each section clean and organised, the way in which goods are made and distributed can be improved, both in terms of speed and quality. While this much may be obvious, the factory benches are often overlooked in terms of their importance.

You can say that an area is for a specific part of the manufacturing process, but without somewhere to perform the necessary tasks, this cannot be done. The range of factory benches designed by Storage Concepts are designed to provide effective work areas for a wide range of applications. » Read more…

Spend a little, Store a lot

The logical way around your spacial restrictions

Drive in racking installed by Storage Concepts

Having worked with a number of clients in the warehousing industry, the team at Storage Concepts have developed a skill for designing and installing bespoke and successful warehouse racking systems that create a whole new world of possibilities for the company.

Creating unique systems tailored to the individual needs of the company allows us to turn a small or heavily cluttered warehouse space into what could be seen as a much bigger brand new area, allowing the firm to bring in more stock or use their new found space for whole new purposes. » Read more…

Practical, Beneficial and Cost Effective

Completed mezzanine floor

Organise your business with increased space

How you move, store and access your stock is becoming increasingly important to businesses and their futures. Having the room to accommodate everything they need while making it easy to access can be a tricky operation, but that situation is where Storage Concepts become an invaluable partner.

Specialising in the design and installation of mezzanine floors as well as other storage solutions, we are in a position to offer you both our knowledge and experience in order to help your business find a positive resolution to your restrictions and requirements. » Read more…

Lock It or Lose It

The safest way to protect your belongings

Stylish, but secure

With stringent health and safety restrictions in the workplace, it’s important that your employees have a designated, and secure area to store all of their belongings. Bags, food, coats and other loose clothing must be kept off shop floors, so it is vital that office lockers are available to employees.

It’s equally important that those possessions don’t go missing. Companies are frequently dealing with claims from employees that personal items such as wallets or mobile phones have gone missing from the bag they left on the shelf in the staff room. To avoid this, you need somewhere not only safe, but secure for workers to keep their belongings during their shift. » Read more…

The Options are Out There

Mezzanine floors – taking productivity to a new level!

mezzanine under construction

mezzanine under construction

Space could easily be the final frontier for a business. All commercial, retail and manufacturing enterprises need space grow, room to organise themselves and specialist areas for larger or new facilities.

If space isn’t available – without relocating or extensive rebuilding – then a company has reached the frontier of what is possible.

Mezzanine floors from Storage Concepts push the boundaries of what you can achieve in your existing premises, without relocating. Our mezzanine floors utilise wasted vertical space to create new levels of productivity. » Read more…