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Completed mezzanine floor

Organise your business with increased space

How you move, store and access your stock is becoming increasingly important to businesses and their futures. Having the room to accommodate everything they need while making it easy to access can be a tricky operation, but that situation is where Storage Concepts become an invaluable partner.

Specialising in the design and installation of mezzanine floors as well as other storage solutions, we are in a position to offer you both our knowledge and experience in order to help your business find a positive resolution to your restrictions and requirements.

Using ideas formed with the future in mind, we’ve worked with organisations of all sizes to bring them innovative and effective methods of creating more space for offices, canteens, storage and staff rooms. When you create a large-scale solution such as those we work on, you need to think of the future. Creating space to help with the growth of your company is a great idea, but if you only think of a short-term resolution, you could end up removing it and installing a bigger one in a few years time.

At Storage Concepts we offer you a complete start-to-finish project management plan, working with you and your business from your initial enquiry, through the design and installation processes and right up to the final sign off, making sure you get exactly what you want. By spending as much time as possible working with and around you, we can take up as little of your business time as possible for the installation, meaning your down time is minimal.

The benefits brought about by a greater surface area as a result of installing mezzanine floors to accommodate all of your stock or other needs are endless. You can move products around faster, because you know where they all are. Stock rotation can be easily managed with improved organisation, and the whole location could look smarter and tidier with all of your stock in one tidy area.

So find out how mezzanine floors from Storage Concepts can help you improve your business. Call today on 01664 410414 or use our online contact form to leave us a message.