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Practical in more ways than one

The Perfect Workmate

Having a dedicated workstation for each part of a manufacturing process can help to ensure the whole system runs smoothly. By keeping each section clean and organised, the way in which goods are made and distributed can be improved, both in terms of speed and quality. While this much may be obvious, the factory benches are often overlooked in terms of their importance.

You can say that an area is for a specific part of the manufacturing process, but without somewhere to perform the necessary tasks, this cannot be done. The range of factory benches designed by Storage Concepts are designed to provide effective work areas for a wide range of applications.

Designed and built to your specifications, you can be assured that there is plenty of room for workers to perform their necessary tasks without getting in each other’s way, and with ample room for storing the necessary tools.

Welded to ensure that they are suitable for any process, these benches can be used in almost any warehouse situation and in any industry, from general carpentry work up to heavy duty engineering.

As touched on previously, organisation is one of the most important parts of any manufacturing process, and in all other industries too. Equally important is space, so if that is an issue with your current location, then fear not, as the team of expert designers at Storage Concepts can create a solution that doesn’t just give you a newer, more stylish solution to your working problems, but one that also opens up more space.

We are experts in designing and installing bespoke solutions that eradicate your spacial issues, meaning there is no need to investigate the possibilities of relocation simply because you are struggling for room where you are at present. By creating a new range of factory benches that take up less room, while maintaining or improving your production, you could even install more workstations than before, or take on more staff.

To find out how any of the bespoke storage solutions from Storage Concepts could help you and your business, give us a call today on 01664 410414, where one of our staff will be happy to discuss your options.