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Mezzanine Floors – An Overview

Mezzanine floors are a quick efficient and economical way of increasing storage space.

If you have the head room within a building a mezzanine floor is a completely free standing structure which will enable you to increase your capacity whether it is being used for storage, offices, production or light assembly.

Mezzanine floors are serviced by staircases and can be designed to suit any shape, size and loading application.

Our white underside finish of the decking boards provide good light reflection and by combining the design with our unique steel work beams, open sections, allows all electrical, M & E works, pipework, conduit, wiring to be passed through the system simply and easily.

All shapes and sizes can be encompassed to suit your requirements and to maximise your facility.

For further information on our free standing structural steel mezzanine floors please contact Storage Concepts.

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