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Goods Lift

Storage Concepts install a goods lift to transport jigs from production onto the mezzanine floor installed by Storage Concepts.

Car Showroom Project

This is a recent project we have just completed at a specialist car company where we installed a mezzanine floor with offices above complete with new suspended ceilings and lighting throughout.

Mezzanine Floor Installed in London

Mezzanine Floor installed in London. Many thanks to the photo from Emma Morris

Practical in more ways than one

The Perfect Workmate

Having a dedicated workstation for each part of a manufacturing process can help to ensure the whole system runs smoothly. By keeping each section clean and organised, the way in which goods are made and distributed can be improved, both in terms of speed and quality. While this much may be obvious, the factory benches are often overlooked in terms of their importance.

You can say that an area is for a specific part of the manufacturing process, but without somewhere to perform the necessary tasks, this cannot be done. The range of factory benches designed by Storage Concepts are designed to provide effective work areas for a wide range of applications. » Read more…

Lock It or Lose It

The safest way to protect your belongings

Stylish, but secure

With stringent health and safety restrictions in the workplace, it’s important that your employees have a designated, and secure area to store all of their belongings. Bags, food, coats and other loose clothing must be kept off shop floors, so it is vital that office lockers are available to employees.

It’s equally important that those possessions don’t go missing. Companies are frequently dealing with claims from employees that personal items such as wallets or mobile phones have gone missing from the bag they left on the shelf in the staff room. To avoid this, you need somewhere not only safe, but secure for workers to keep their belongings during their shift. » Read more…